Car insurance inquiry

A question has arisen in regarding the permitted drivers of the Visa.
It’s insured in my name, & my partner will invariably need to use it.
Will she be allowed to drive, being as she does not hold a CdS, not resident, & therefore, as far as we’ve been told thus far, not eligible to drive a (private) car in her own right ?
A lot of what we’ve heard / been told may be"legacy" information &/or speculation…
Hopefully, an adult will be along soon with the relevant information.


Hopefully @fabien will appear as an appropriate adult and advise….

I remember this in times gone by when we would drive our French friend’s cars before we became resident, but I remember they couldn’t drive ours. Or was it vice-versa? Which shows I am not am appropriate adult for this question :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well, I think (have assumed) I’ve open drive on my cars. Anybody over 21 (or maybe 25) with a licence for more than X years can drive them, resident or not :slightly_smiling_face:. Hope I’m right.

Evening @Codfanglers and thanks @JaneJones for tagging me along :wink:

Actually French insurers don’t really care about the situation of the driver (visa or not, CdS or not, etc.). The only thing that matters is that the driver is legally allowed to drive in France. The insurer will simply follow the law so whatever the situation if France considers the driver as allowed to drive then the French insurer will accept any claim coming from said driver even if that wasn’t his vehicle or insured under his/her name (as long as it’s not in an illegal situation like stolen vehicle, under the effect of drugs, etc.).

So the short answer is: yes you can lend your vehicle to anyone you please including your better half whatever her situation in France if her driving license allows her to drive here.

And some pro tip as I’m here => When that’s not you behind the wheel, the excess (deductible) is increased, usually by +150€ but if it’s a young driver (less than 25 years old or less than 3 years driving license) then it’s +1500€ and sometimes +2500€. To be noted that whoever is behind the wheel that’s your NCD that takes the hit in case of a claim :wink:

Hope that’s all useful information? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you everyone… this is what I was hoping to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the insurance side dealt with. But I have been under the impression that a resident of country A may not drive a vehicle reg in country B, unless it’s a hire car.

Is this incorrect?