Car Insurance problem with AXA agent

Hi, Margo and John, thanks foryour input. Just to let you know where I am with this. I did a search for Customer service AXA on the net and got a direct hit and the "CEO "Redefining/customer relations" So i sent an email to him with a 6 line brief outline of my complaint. I got an email back the next day saying basically "not my job" so another email back highlighting the logo redefining /customer relations and asked that in the spirit of customer relations he might put me in touch, forward the message or give me a name. He replied he was unable to help directly, he was in Mauritius (they are based there) but he gave me the email address for the CEO France so I have emailed him. I wait with "worm on tongue" (baited breath) Anyway thank you again for your advise etc. I will let you know what happens.



AXA have a mediator to whom you can send complaints. They are totally independent.

Address is Monsieur le Mediateur auprès d'AXA France Terrasse4-313 Terrasses de l'Arche-92727 NANTERRE CEDEX.

I have the same problem with AXA. Cancelled my Assurance Sante 2 months ago. All sent off LRAR to the Head Office. They completely ignored this and continued taking prelevements from my AXA bank Account. Phoned the agent who didn't want to know. Cancelled the prelevement with my Bank, they are still writing demanding payments. 4 months after. The agent has completely ignored several telephone calls and letters. When I phone Head Office, they say phone the agent. Completely hopeless!!

Dear Steve,
I would greatly appreciate it if you can let me have the email address or contact details for the Axa CEO please. I have a major problem with their customer service and have hunted for months to find it. I then sent an email to which bounced back. I also found another email address that I emailed, and received a reply thanking me for my email and they would be in touch soon. That was in July 20202 and still haven’t heard from them. I’ve also trawled the internet for the Axa car insurance complaints dept to no avail. And called dozens of numbers in France and each time have been told that this isn’t the right dept. And given another number to call, only to be told the same again.

My email address is and phone number is +44 78 999 84888. I’m also on WhatsApp.

Best regards,


Hello David, It’s not a good idea to have your personal details on an open forum like this one - anyone can see them. It would be a good idea to edit your post (the little pencil image) and remove them.
I suggest you send a private message. Unfortunately this is an eight year old thread. So the person you are trying to contact may not be around.
Maybe someone else is able to point @Dwe112112 in the right direction?

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Go into the nearest Axa office and have a hissy fit? Polite of course, but obdurate. Keep repeating that you wish to be given contact details for the chief exec’s office.

@Dwe112112 as outlined by @spj please edit your post and remove the personal email and telephone details.
If you are having a problem with that, contact @cat Team and I’m sure she will do it for you.

Thanks Sue, I can’t find the little pencil to edit those details out! Can you say more about how to do it please? Thanks. David.

Hi Cat, I’ve been asked to edit my contact details for my recent post. But I’m new to this forum. I’ve been advised to request that you can do it for me. Thanks.

Hi David
Underneath your post there is a pencil icon (that icon is only available to the author of a post and not otherwise seen).


Click on that and you will be able to edit your post to remove the details as suggested. Then click on Save Edit to complete the task.