Car insurance


Can I ask if anyone has successfully insured their uk car in France? I have tried MAAF and MAIF who are helpful but need evidence of 13 years no claims for a reasonable quote. I have five. Also the lights issue to pass the control technique. do I really have to replace the whole unit in order to pass?

I notice that health insurance etc is advertised on this site but what about car insurance?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Gillian player

There are two threads fairly current on this subject:-

AFAIK UK NCD will be applied from 3 years blame free driving with up to 50% discount provided that Evidence can be produced and that the NCD is due to being claim free and not the result of a protected NCD.

Unless you have some exotic vehicle with a flat dipped beam then You do need to change your headlight units to LHD. I hope your speedo reads in KPH?

Assurances? try

Worked for me.