Car insurance

Hello. I recently moved from Malaysia to France and just purchased a second hand car. Need to get car insurance sorted and wondered if anyone has experience that will help me to fast track the research process? In the SFN chat room, a kind member suggested MAIF with a caveat that it depends on the car. Any additional advice is welcome please??

Much appreciated advice!

What ever you do steer clear of Accommeassure. They will give you a very low price and then find 1000 ways to tell you (after you paid your first instalment) why they can't insure and offer insurance at a higher price.

I have had a very bad experience with them, communication more than twelve times by both phone & e-mail as they continually state they have not received copies of documents I have sent them 5 times!

Go to a high street broker / insurance office or deal with a company like AXA etc.

you may find this comparison site useful though....

That's useful - thank you. I also have a non EU licence.

Many thanks. I will check with the bank as they're also very helpful.

I used assurance direct - an online only set up - less than half the price of quotes I was getting locally (2/3 less in some cases).
There was another online one I found (sorry forget the name but a Google search in French for car assurance will bring up several price computers) that was cheaper again but they wouldn’t insure my partner as she had a non EU licence I find web. Sites easier to follow even if in French as I can take my time to translate with the help of google translate / chrome etc and others to get a more thorough understanding of what’s covered and conditions.
Good luck

Visit several local insurance offices and take the one that offers the best cover at the best price. They appear to vary considerably.