Car Insurance

(Martin O'Connor) #1

Hello All, My son is doing his driving theory in France and will then do a driving test when he is 18 next year. He lives in France with his mum and I live in London. The price to insure under 21 in London is expensive, can anybody advise on price in France. I own a Renault 21 there and will add him as a named driver. Give me some ideas.

(Arnaud Chavent) #2

Bonjour Martin,

It depends on the type of cover you would like to get (full, comprehensive, third thief...)

I would suggest you using a web-site that compares the different offers and insurance providers.

The web-site is called Please find the link below.

That's in French though

I hope that helps.

Best regards


(Theo Fruendt) #3

I can only post this link. Its a fair broker. Still insurance in France is also expensive but less then UK London.

(Martin O'Connor) #4

Thanks to all. All in all it seems much cheaper than England or Ireland.

(Helen O'BRIEN) #5

Well for her it would have been 3 years Claire but because she hadn't done 3000 kms she took her permis under B rather than AAC statute. Doesn't make too much difference for her as she will be going off to Uni prob in UK or Ireland so 3 years will go like a flash ! I presume that she will be able to drive in the UK, though her insurance will cost her left arm and right leg !!

(Claire OWEN) #6

Good news Helen Red A is 2 years if they don't have any infractions. No 2 sons has just dumped his with great joy .The date will be printed on the back of the pink permis when they get it.

(Helen O'BRIEN) #7

My kids are doing conduite accompagnée and it cost nothing to put them on our policy. (3rd party ins.) Daughter passed her test on Thursday and this morning I saw the insurer. The premium goes up by a couple of euros per month. However if she has an accident the excess is 750€ for the 3 years that she is on a red A sticker.

(Claire OWEN) #8

If he wants to build up his own insurance then yes it is more expensive to do it that way .

Jacqueline seems to have an Ok price as a named driver but it is for her insurance not her daughters so at some point she will have to have her own named insurance, the price will really show then I guess.

It's all very expensive one way or another ,paying for the longer training period or the insurance.

(Martin O'Connor) #9

Thanks for that.

(Martin O'Connor) #10

To get some ideas is good and thanks for taking the time. He is talking about driving on his own, but that could be much more expensive.

(Jacqueline HADJ HAMOU) #11


For a VW polo, insured with the MACIF, i insured the car for myself with my 18 yr old daughter as an occasional driver, 699 euros all risks. She didnt do "conduite accompagné". Good luck

(Claire OWEN) #12

I can't speak for the Uk but both my son's drive here having done the conduite accompanie system in France. Their insurance for a Peugeot 106 4cv 1999 ( they both ended up using the same 1st car it being passed from one to the other) settled at about 500€ per year 3rd party plus depannage. Keep the CV's low and use the Conduite accomapnie system it keeps it as low is possible . Axa were the best price for new drivers surprisingly .However the prices rose dramatically with AXA so that No1 son swapped to MMA when he had had his licence for 5 years. No2 son will probably move from AXA in a couple of years.

Hope that helps. Which system is you son doing his test under?