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Hello All, My son is doing his driving theory in France and will then do a driving test when he is 18 next year. He lives in France with his mum and I live in London. The price to insure under 21 in London is expensive, can anybody advise on price in France. I own a Renault 21 there and will add him as a named driver. Give me some ideas.

Bonjour Martin,

It depends on the type of cover you would like to get (full, comprehensive, third thief...)

I would suggest you using a web-site that compares the different offers and insurance providers.

The web-site is called Please find the link below.

That's in French though

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I can only post this link. Its a fair broker. Still insurance in France is also expensive but less then UK London.

Thanks to all. All in all it seems much cheaper than England or Ireland.

Well for her it would have been 3 years Claire but because she hadn't done 3000 kms she took her permis under B rather than AAC statute. Doesn't make too much difference for her as she will be going off to Uni prob in UK or Ireland so 3 years will go like a flash ! I presume that she will be able to drive in the UK, though her insurance will cost her left arm and right leg !!

Good news Helen Red A is 2 years if they don't have any infractions. No 2 sons has just dumped his with great joy .The date will be printed on the back of the pink permis when they get it.

My kids are doing conduite accompagnée and it cost nothing to put them on our policy. (3rd party ins.) Daughter passed her test on Thursday and this morning I saw the insurer. The premium goes up by a couple of euros per month. However if she has an accident the excess is 750€ for the 3 years that she is on a red A sticker.

If he wants to build up his own insurance then yes it is more expensive to do it that way .

Jacqueline seems to have an Ok price as a named driver but it is for her insurance not her daughters so at some point she will have to have her own named insurance, the price will really show then I guess.

It's all very expensive one way or another ,paying for the longer training period or the insurance.

Thanks for that.

To get some ideas is good and thanks for taking the time. He is talking about driving on his own, but that could be much more expensive.


For a VW polo, insured with the MACIF, i insured the car for myself with my 18 yr old daughter as an occasional driver, 699 euros all risks. She didnt do "conduite accompagné". Good luck

I can't speak for the Uk but both my son's drive here having done the conduite accompanie system in France. Their insurance for a Peugeot 106 4cv 1999 ( they both ended up using the same 1st car it being passed from one to the other) settled at about 500€ per year 3rd party plus depannage. Keep the CV's low and use the Conduite accomapnie system it keeps it as low is possible . Axa were the best price for new drivers surprisingly .However the prices rose dramatically with AXA so that No1 son swapped to MMA when he had had his licence for 5 years. No2 son will probably move from AXA in a couple of years.

Hope that helps. Which system is you son doing his test under?