Car part translation

Can any if you clever peeps tell me what the French is for track rod ends? I have looked on a few 'useful car vocab' lists but can't find it.

As far as I am aware it is only available in book form.

The only section not in my copy (that I would love to be there) is one on vets"

I think you may find the correct term that garages use is "Rotule de direction"

Thank you Chris, we need to replace the track rod ends on a car and my OH cannot remember what to ask for at the car parts place, he is pretty good normally but this has eluded him!

Is that dictionary online or is it hard copy only?

A track rod is la barre d'accouplement

A track rod ball joint is la rotule de pivot

I find that OUP - The Oxford Duden Pictorial French and English dictionary is invaluable when stuck with terms like this.