Car purchase

I have just been informed that if you buy a secondhand car with a new CT you will have to have the CT done again to register it in your name. Can anyone inform me if this is correct.

going to agree with what has been said, bought a secondhand car this year, and i made the guy get the CT done before I bought it, as part of the negociations.

oups - quite right John. I sold my last car a while ago and that was the situation then - just checked and it has changed/been tightened up again!

Vente d'un véhicule d'occasion

En cas de vente d'un véhicule de plus de 4 ans, le vendeur doit remettre à l'acquéreur, avant la conclusion du contrat de vente, le procès-verbal du contrôle technique périodique établi depuis moins de 6 mois.

Pour obtenir un certificat d'immatriculation (ex-carte grise) dans une série normale, l'acquéreur doit apporter la preuve que le contrôle technique périodique a bien eu lieu dans les 6 mois précédant la date de dépôt du dossier en préfecture.

Andrew I dont think you are right, the CT can be no older than 6 months for a new owner to register it. This is worded this way because vans have to have an emmissions check at 12 months so they can be sold with just 6 months CT remaining but the cars have to have at least 18 months.

older than 6 months - not quite (older than 18 months in fact) - the car just needs at least 6 months CT left on it regardless of who gets it done - usually the seller if there's less then 6 months (my case last time I sold a car).

thanks for that.

Hi Susan

I bought a used car two years ago, and there was no need to get a new CT. As long as the CT the car has is not older than 6 months ...