Car Rental - France vs Spain

I am probably going to be in France for 3 months next year - April-June.

Thought I'd start looking at car rental costs now as I had heard leasing was a practical option once you went beyond about 30 days (but not thrilled with the rates btw).

Anyway, thought I'd look at flying into Toulouse (as I normally do) or to Madrid for a change (some flights indirectly there from Angola) and hiring a car there.

I must be missing something as the rental for the same car is 1/3 the price in Spain vs that in France - pretty sure I didnt screw up dates etc. At this point, even if I flew into Toulouse, it seems I would be better off getting a train to Barcelona and renting there. Does this make any sense or are there issues I am not aware of. And does anyone have suggestions for 3 month vehicle hire that I may not have stumbled across - dont want/need flash - just reliable

Thanks in advance - Steve

Good thought thankyou - I'll check


Thanks very much for the info and time and trouble taken- its much appreciated. How often do you get over to France


Thanks for that - I'll check, though it was the same website in both cases (just changed the country) and said full coverage

On a side note, this will be the first time I'll need travel insurance. Most of the places I have looked at will only insure you if you are from the UK. I am an aussie and I noted your reference to A$- Any suggestions/traps for young players for Travel Insurance