Car Repairs

Does anyone know of a mobile or reasonable garage, having taken my car a Citroen C5 to every available garage for an estimate to replace the clutch with the possibility of replacing the Dual mass flywheel as well and got within a very few €s difference at each and every one is this price fixing even the main Citroen dealer is within 5€ of the dirty little back street garage and a young guy just starting up gave the very same estimate theres no more than 20€ between any of them .I don't really fancy doing the job having just done the front discs and pads scrabbling about on the floor now doesn't really float my boat anymore unless its on an MG

Vic the expression and sharp intake of breath sucking of teeth made no difference and the young guy just starting out on his own is English. Served my time in the motor trade rising to service manager then got conned into electronics hydraulics and electric vehicles dont really fancy ripping this one apart need an army of trained rodents to get in there no room around anything anymore,sod it i shall buy a Moggie 1000 next wish i had never sold the MGB but it wasnt practical at the time

Send a French friend to ask the same question & see what quotes you get then ;-) I used to get ripped off something alarming until I learnt how to tell em, in French "You've got to be friggin' joking"