Car Troubles

So I'm just getting used to driving the newly purchased second hand LHD car which is much bigger than the last one, is automatic & requires driving on the opposite side to what I'm used to.

Last week it went in for a service at the local dealers, bill 750 euro plus she needed 2 new tyres, new brake discs, something to do with suspension I don't understand but sounded expensive & to top it off they reckoned although it is a LHD car, the headlights won't pass Controle Technique so we will need to spend 1700 euros on replacements. NICE!!! Our old car had a switch you just flicked to move from one setting to the other...shame this one doesn't....

We also found the tyres were 150 euro cheaper (for 2) at Massa Pneau (a tyre specialist) than at the dealers so we did them separately.

We then took it in on Thursday for 2 more days whilst they did what was necessary (avoided the 1700 euros by using stickers) and put it in for CT whilst hiring a Nissan Micra 1.2 (not quite the 4.5 we were getting used to) The garage didn't bother doing the CT as they said it wouldn't pass because of the lights. I'm sure some other forum members have said their local garage has passed their CT with stickers?!? Will need to try some other garages I think or visit every breakers yard in France to get some cheaper replacement light fittings. Hubbie thinks the garage had the hump because we didn't get the tyres done with them & he came home Friday evening in a bad mood muttering about the obnoxious twit he'd been dealing with.

On Saturday I went out to the market & on my way back had a bit of a run in with a neighbours motorhome. The ancient motorhome showed no signs of distress but our almost perfect condition motor now has some nasty scratches & a bit of a dent on the passenger rear door & rear wing. Insurance claim required. Hubbie not happy, so I being pregnant I burst into tears (that's my excuse for everything & I'm sticking with it!)

Today hubbie took the lowly Micra back to Marseille airport where he was flying out to Germany for a couple of weeks work. Missing both his Wifemap & GPS he totally missed the turnings & ended up miles from the airport. Realised after a few junctions, did a U turn & still couldn't find the exit, ended up driving through Marseille's docks at record speeds for a 1.2 before dumping the Micra and running for his plane.

(Tip: Never buy an ex hire car - this is how they are treated!)

Thankfully he made it on time, checked in & arrived in Frankfurt....but his suitcase didn't. So I've spent today on the phone to 2 insurance companies making a car claim & a baggage claim. Hubbie had to go shopping on his own to buy a new wardrobe to get through next couple of days until we visit (this would also have made him extra irritable - he doesn't like shopping which is why I love internet shopping through I do the shopping, show him the basket, he nods & hands over credit card - perfect!). But not this time he was all alone in a German department store trying to buy pants & socks...bless!

After going to work he arrived back at his apartments around 7pm to find his suitcase had been he hadn't needed to do that stressful shopping after all. Although I was pleased to hear the shops are apparently quite good over now I am looking forward to my Germany visit even more. Things are looking up at last!

Now I just need to find someone with a set of European angled BMW 540 Xenon lights for a bargain price then we can pass the CT & re-register the car. Anyone going back to the UK & want to swap lights?


UK Stores Delivering Overseas

Ok insurance quote came through - 1250 euros, insurance should cover it but I have a 300 euro excess to pay. Nice!

More virtual hugs coming your way!