Car Tyres

I recently had my camper van go into Mercedes for a bit of work, Whilst doing a road test they had a tyre burst and offered to put a new one on.

I thought that I could get a better deal at Leclerc Auto's, but they would only replace 2 tyres on the same axle. so I went back to Mercedes and they replaced the tyre that had burst. This leaves me with a New tyre and a nearly new one on the same axle. Will this fail on the CT next time I take it.

I have had the same with my car and had to have 2 new tyres when I only needed one, I was surprised that Mercedes would put just one tyre on for me.

Anyone know the Legal situation over here?

Found this:

Article 9 :
Lorsque le code de la route interdit de monter des pneus de structures différents sur un même essieu ( article 3, point 3.2 et 3.3)
Il entend selon le Journal Officiel de la CE N°1 129/105 du 14/05/1992 que les pneus doivent être à la fois de :

  • même marque
  • même dimension
  • même catégorie d’utilisation ( ex. route, neige, tout terrain).
  • même structure : radiale ou diagonale
  • même code de vitesse
  • même indice de capacité de charge


PS I order tyres online (popgom) and get them fitted by a local guy, they will sell any quantity.

Thanks, they are defiantly not the same make tho they are the same spec,

According to OH it has to be the same make of and type of tyre, does not have to be same age. If it were illegal to send you out with unmatched tyres Mercedes would be at fault (and they by no means always get it right) and should replace both.