Hello, I am putting a caravan on the site of my new build project. Can anyone help me as how to connect the services to the caravan as simply as possible.

Thank you

Most touring caravans have an electric hook up on the outside of the van you should see a socket That looks something like this

You should have a cable that branches that to a power socket usually stored in the locker box/ a frame box at the front of the caravan. You may need an adapter for that from caravan socket to standard, you can get one in the bigger supermarkets.

Water is usually done on a tank in the caravan which you fill and is then pumped to the tap from an internal pump or an outside storage method ie an aqua roll again with a pump.Try googling that to see what I mean.

At the moment we have no pump in our caravan as it has burnt out so we use bottles of water 5 & 10 litres as we don't use the water in the van that often we tend to use a toilet block on a site. Have you considered building a shed making a temporary wet room shower and toilet area on your building plot. It could be a good idea an the expenditure wouldn't be too much to rig up something temporary. How are you going to deal with waste water? We lived in a caravan ( not a mobile home) on our site for 6 years so a separate shower toilet room would have been wonderful I can vouch for that. We did eventually fix in a flushing toilet after 3 and a half years!! Wonderful

To get your computer to work as well as the electric to power it, you will need a telephone line and an internet supplier.

Hope that helps.

Hi Claire,

All the services are already on the plot, not down the road etc. I don't understand (not having done anything like this before) how I connect them to my caravan. Someone said I need a tempory consumer unit costing hundreds of euros

Hi Elaine,

The caravan is equipped for electric lighting. The cooking is with a gas bottle. All the services are actually already on the plot. Also, how do I get a computer to work there?

Well, you will need services to run the building site so I would assume that the Edf , water etc would provide services to the site for that reason. Then you can connect from there ? Or have I misunderstood your question?

Hi Carolynne, am just wondering if this question would be better placed in the Renovation & Construction group?