Carefree wolf cubs

This video was captured north of Białystok, Poland. The cubs have no fear of humans and played in front of forest ranger.

Translated title - They didn’t know what a human smelled like, so they came over. An unusual meeting in the Wigry National Park


magical moment for that Ranger… :slight_smile: and an interesting read…

Their advice for any of us, on meeting a wild animal:
It is important to safeguard oneself as well as the animal !!

If both we and the wild inhabitants of the forest are safe, animals can be recorded from a distance, but
Remain calm and quiet
Keep your eyes open (be aware of what is going on around you)
Under no circumstances should we approach them, scare them (with noise/action) or try to stroke them.
If you can, simply move away… gently/quietly

I expect it is much safer for wild animals to keep well away from humans. Some humans are not kind or wise. And, there is the possibility of transfer of virus or infection.

I love to see the video but hope it doesn’t attract sightseers.

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