"Carpets and beds

I am about to move to Issigeac near Bergerac.

Does anyone know any decent bed shops and also anywhere that fits carpets?

The nearest bed shops will be in Bergerac, esprit literie, literie 24 (if they are still open) probably others as well eg But, Conforama - no idea about fitted carpets I am afraid, they aren’t really very popular with us.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a carpet shop in France. Do they even exist? Does it still exist in the UK still? Our family stopped having carpets when my grandmother died in 1963…and even thinking of friends houses in the Uk I don’t recall many fitted carpets.

It does but wooden floors , tiles etc are also popular

Yes they do just tap in saint-maclou: //www.saint-maclou.com/collection-sols/moquette.html?
Many painting & decorating companies also lay carpets.

Thanks guys.


Adam King


Red 10 Ltd



There are a couple of ‘decorators’ shops in Issigeac (I am there every Sunday) but they look to me like sellers of overpriced accessories rather than proper decorators.

We may be heading there tomorrow depending on the weather. It is a very pretty village and the market seems to be a bit quieter this time of year.

Yes very diminished in winter, only the core stallholders bother. I still go and buy my veg, roast chicken, bread, whatever or go to the pharmacie etc if necessary seeing I usually can’t during the week because of work.