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Hi All,

Second post today, apologies for being a bit of a twonk at this French lark, but i promise we learn quickly.

We have recently acquired a car over here in France. Cash sale from a used car business so no problems with finance, etc., but we could not get the salesperson to register the car for us because we did not have what they considered to be a permanent address in Bordeaux (another story).

So we have the car, we also have insurance courtesy of Pauling from AXA from this site.

What we don't have is a 'Carte Gris' (I think that's correct). We have the old one, and the salesman simply told us we have a month to re-register in Bordeaux.

Erm, so how do we go about registering a French car over here?

We also have an old Chevrolet van which is LHD and was MOT-ed just before we left the UK in early November. We could also do to register that in France - it is currently on UK plates and UK insurance.

Any advice on how to go about obtaining our Cartes Gris for both vehicles would be much appreciated.

Shaun :)

Hi Shaun,

Just spotted that you got your carte gris - congrats.

I am also just back from our prefecture and the proud owner of a carte gris for my motorbike. We have now managed to re-register one car and 4 bikes and I have come to the conclusion after reading horror stories from other expats - that our dept is unusually polite, professional, charming, accommodating and helpful :-)

Enjoy your new life here!

Requirements are listed here:

You will need proof of address. Normally this is a utility bill in your name. Documentation of proof of purchase of a home or a rental agreement may also be acceptable.

Hi Sean,

I presume the insurance is based on acquiring a carte gris in the short term, and is not yet for the full year?

I am wondering to myself why you bought a french car if you were not sure if you could transfer ownership or not? And you haven't specified if you have in fact a residence here.

I know this is not helpful, and I am unsure of the conditions of ownership, but I know you have to be resident, or at least have an address/residence - I don't think you need to be a house owner per say, but I am not sure 100%

Sorry, again not helpful, but there must be a way around not being resident so one can leave a car here?

So, it turns out i am as also curious about this. What I do know, it is probable you need to address the "another story" isue on this :-)