Cars help

Ok I need to change my car and my farmer is offering me his citroen 4
which has done 114.000 killometres and was bought in August 2007. I have no idea if the price he is quoting is correct and I know nothing about cars. HELP. He is asking for 8000 euros


thank you

If you have more details about the car you can go to this site and fill in those details. They will e-mail you an estimate for your particular situation. The "Argus" is a national databank which compares prices and is the reference also used in the car-trade.

Also ask "your' farmer for the date of his last control technique for the car. That can be maximal 6 months ago on the date of the sale, check the little vignette on the front windscreen.

hi, sounds like alot to me but I know nothing about cars!

Try looking on the website and see what other similar cars are being priced at on there.

Another useful site is lecentral (not sure if there's an e at the end of that or not)

leboncoin is a useful place to look anyway if you are looking for a private sale type car purchase rather than going to a dealer