I’m posting this for a friend who works abroad.

He has a Toyota Corolla which lives here for his use when he’s on leave. It is a UK car, but French registered.

Due to a mess up with an insurance company (Direct Insurance) where he thought he was insured but they had cancelled in writing to his address here, thus he never received it, the car remained uninsured for six months. Now he has lost his NCB, the premium has tripled and it’s no longer economical for him to keep it running . The CT has expired, and the carte grise has been lost.

Can he legally sell it for parts? It has a new battery and 4 new tyres.

Such a shame, it’s a brilliant little runner, never had any mechanical problems, but now it’s just an ornament.

I suspect he needs to apply for a replacement carte grise… as he’ll need that for selling the car…
He should take out 3rd party insurance cover… that’s cheap enough…

then he can sell the car as a runner… doing the CT if a buyer is found
or he can sell to a Garagist as a runner or as “parts”…

Thanks Stella. I’ll let him know.

I have friends who run their cars on 3rd Party…
why won’t that be good enough for him…??
seems a shame for him to lose out on a good runner…

As an aside, it’s also a good idea to put windscreen repair alongside the 3rd party. We didn’t - not knowing any better - and finished up paying for a very expensive replacement merc wind screen.

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Good point, Sue, but adding windscreen cover to my car increased the policy by about 200€ per year and a new windscreen (fitted) is 375€. It’s always good to do your ‘what if?’ and risk analysis before committing.