Carte Allocataire

just received a sparkling Carte Allocataire in the post...

erm... what's that?

do all you lot have one? or should I add it to my mountain of paperwork marked KDN (keep, do nothing)


x teresa

Paper clips ;-D

thanks Tracy and Brian - as always knowledeable and helpful… It IS from the CAF, but i’ve not applied for anything… Hm, It’s a puzzler. Perhaps they’ll randomly send me the dog allowance i KNOW i’m entitled to!
x teresa

Snap Tracy. We one somewhere but have noted the number therefore rendering it redundant. If you do not give your number when required though, then your family toothpick quota, etc, will be denied to you. In fact, if it is any kind of postal application you will never hear back, so what it does is not much but without it less!

Is it from the CAF - Caisse d'Allocations Familliale? Have you applied for rent assistance, family allowance for the dog etc? If so, it is just a handy credit card size piece of paper so that you always have your 'numero d'allocataire' doesn't actually do anything, just tells you, your number which you have to put on every piece of correspondence with them.