Carte de sejour interview

I had to have a couple of goes too.

I ws eventually sent “next door” to try the other machine… which also didn’t like my hands, but it was OK (or not) eventually… perhaps they just let me off because I was clogging up their system… :wink: :wink:


Why do they fingerprint you?

So they can prove who you are at a later date, if necessary, I suppose.

It seems to have become normal in many countries. In the US I believe they take fingerprints from all foreigners as they arrive in the country, even tourists. At least here they only do it for permanent residents (and perhaps on naturalisation as well but I wouldn’t know about that)

So when you commit a crime, they’ve got you bang to rights. (And can deport you)

So they’re not checking if you are an axe murderer. Lol

Well . . . I wouldn’t rule it out!

Yes that’s the one!

Thank you for a good chuckle, sorry if it is not meant to be funny :thinking:
My son has a friend who has lovely funny tales of his family :joy:

Or was it the other way about?

ha ha… you’ve lost me… but these days… that’s nothing new… :hugs: :upside_down_face:

I think he meant this??? Made me giggle!

Neither funny nor d & m. just - that’s how it was. Peculiar. And, as is invariably the case when someone grows up within strange, anomolous situation, to me it was normal until I reaslised it wasn’t.

Then I made a decision to allow my mother’s sleeping dogs to lie. I suspect the root cause - possibly grim

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The other way about … A good example of this is the first attempt by a chap to deal with the clasp of a muchacha’s … but, as in your case, success enventuates.

Yes, it was the same for me
But you give the impression that you left the Prefecture with your new Carte de Resident !
I was politely told to expect to receive it in the post in the next 2 weeks.


Sorry, didn’t mean to give that impression. No, I didn’t pick up my card right away but I did know from reading Connexion that the card would be posted.

My appointment date was 19 Jan and the card arrived, registered post, on 6 Feb. Even though there was no indication of the contents on the envelope (although there was printing on it) the Postie gave me a grin and said “Now you are French”. Not quite true, but a great relief nonetheless.

I am in the pipeline for a Titre de Sejour but this morning the Perigueux Prefecture contacted me certain information is missing.
It would appear to refer to Health Insurance. I had private health insurance when abroad but just each time for the period I was in Europe. Now at my age if is very expensive so just go with the EU health card. This card expired on January 11th but I have since updated to the new card which has been posted to England and I am here in France waiting to receive my Titre de Sejour before going to England in April (hopefully).
I just feel it might be easier getting back to France if I have the Titre de Sejour in case of any problems re-entering France.
Does anyone know what pitfalls I may encounter when I log back on the Prefecture site. I have my number on record and just waiting to get to the point when I will be summoned to finalise the card?
Thanks for any help.

Hmmmm, when you say EU health card do you mean the UK issued EHIC card? That is not sufficient for getting your Titre de séjour/carte de résident.

You need either proof of being in the French Health System or Proof of private health insurance.

I have a feeling that you are of the age to have a UK State Pension? So you should have got, or be eligible for, a form called and S1. This allows you to join the French Health Service free of charge and the form itself is all the proof you need for your residents card. So if you are in this category phone and get your S1 asap…

What exactly did the préfecture say/write?