Carte de sejour interview

Oh my goodness no they won’t accept that card and as a resident you shouldn’t be using it anyway, it is just for tourists. If something happened you may not be covered if they know you live here. Does you travel insurance actually cover you as you are not a UK resident (many in the small print specify that you need to be UK resident).

You need to call and get your S1 sorted as soon as possible. You are able to use the S1 itself as your proof for the prefecture (although they may ask you to send in proof once you are in the French system and you have your SS number).

This is the number you need to call, it will be sent to you at your French address. You need to be clear that you arrived in France before 31/12/20 but just hadn’t got around to calling yet:
For S1 Overseas Healthcare Service on +44 191 218 1999

This seems strange when you are claiming to be resident here, are you maybe a new arrival?

Until you get your health care situation in order you wont’ be summoned or be finalising your card, it is one of the few things that they ask you for. Once you have that it is an easy process - the same looking forms as the original so you’ll just need to upload your S1 when you get it.


You can read all about healthcare and how to apply to the French healthcare system . If you prefer to have the information in English the CPAM also have information in English and an English speaking helpline .

I hope this helps.

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your help. I have filled in all the questions and photos requested including my British Pension and my Private Pension. I have an EU Health Card and even though it is out of date now I was told to send a photo of it. I also gave them my new EU health card reference number. I can’t find anything in the FAQs to help but the form does say I have until October 2021 to complete the application.
I need to get back to the U.K. but trying to get the Titre de Sejour as it should make it easier getting back into Europe.
Thanks again.

Martin, are you talking about your EHIC card? There doesn’t exist anything called a ‘EU Health Card’ that I know of.

Yes you have time to sort this, and far better to do so properly that get it rejected for lack of health insurance! Don’t worry about coming back into France. Even if you sent everything in tomorrow you may well not have a residents card by April anyway. We applied 4 months ago and will get them in about another month.

If your card looks like this then it is an EHIC card and ABSOLUTELY NO USE for your resident card (sorry to shout but this is important). Read what Tory says and phone on Monday for your S1

Thanks for the pic Jane, I didn’t realise they said ‘European Health Card’ on the top, so excuse my earlier comments! I don’t think he saw my reply as he was replying to you the same time I posted!

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@Christopher_Walker Martin, I just thought I’d tag you as not sure if you saw the rest of the posts (including mine just before your last post as we cross posted).

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Hi, I’m a native French speaker, I can help,
I do Zoom/Skype lessons from London;-)


Hi Tory.
More changes with Covid-19 in England!!!
I am hoping to receive my Health Card this week as it could only be posted to a U.K. address.
Fortunately I have a French friend in England who is posting it on the me in Bergerac this week
I am worried that is the EU Health Card is not accepted for my Titre de Sejour I will be stuck until the summer. If I am governed by the new 90 day Brexit rule within 180 days I will have to be back in England from March 16th and not able to return until mid June.
I have somewhere to quarantine for 2 weeks in England so that is not a problem.
I can then have my vaccination done but wondered if With my current British passport I can pay to have the vaccination done in France. At least that would be one thing less to do.
I am hoping to sign on with a doctor at the Health Centre in Creysse. I can’t go there as you have to ring so I hope my French is good enough?
However, if I could have a Covid-19 test that’s Negative I think I am allowed to go back to England, but I can’t afford £1,750 for 10 days and 3 meals a day accommodation in a designated hotel. I only eat one meal a day!
Has anyone on SurviveFrance encountered similar problems please.
Best wishes.
Martin Walker

Hi Martin,
I’m putting my small person to bed and then need to sort dinner for the rest of us. But please rest assured you do not need to worry about the 90/180 rule as you were resident here before the end of last year so you do not need to go back to the UK. I will send you a private message in the morning.

Tory. You’re so helpful. And with a family to look after? And then there are people like me needing a helping hand. Do you or the organisation need any funding as the site seems too good to be true!
Just get back to me in your own time as I am sure you have more urgent things to attend to.
Cheers. Martin

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I’ll help Tory too. Between us I’m sure we can get you legal, decent and well settled happily in France…

Don’t worry about it. You were here before December so everything is possible.

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I’ve PM’ed :grin:

Excellent advice, still time before the deadline so those that were here can get everything in order.