Carte de sejour Online Application

Hello, I am new to the group and I wondered if I could ask for some help. I have read some of the postings previously, but still not sure what to do!

I have attempted to register for the Carte de sejour and cant seem to get past the first page! I am a recent transplant from the UK, and I moved here on December 27th - yes I know I was cutting it short :wink:
I have tried logging into the application page:

but I am struggling to attach any documents as after I have attached one pdf, I receive an error message saying no docs can be attached due to the file size. Also how do I keep the same reference number so I dont have to start my application all over again, when I exit the page. Did anyone else have this problem? Sorry if this is a repeat question. Thanks.

Tory is the one you need! But have you reduced your file sizes? That could be the most obvious fix?


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There are a number of free utilities on the internet that will reduce the size of your pdf files. There is also a very good page by page guide to the online application process here:

This particular page is for retired applicants but they have it for all categories.

Hope this helps


This is a good pdf utility:


and this is another one for you to use which we have on many occasions.

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Thankyou! I ploughed through the application and I know some information is missing, but I did get it submitted finally! :grin:

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Thankyou, I finally got the application submitted - it was the file size!


I had the same problem but found by using my iPhone and cropping the photo and adding the image directly to the application form the files are small and accepted without problem.
But remember to save the photo because I found to my cost when I tried to continue my application the photos were not saved on the application file and I had to start all over again.!
Can I ask if you have found a site which tells you up to date information when living in France as I can’t get back until the summer.
Christopher Martin Walker at present living near Bergerac.