Carte de Sejour: Renewal

On the 27 March 2019 my wife and I went to the Prefecture (CADAM) in Nice, Alpes Maritimes to make our application for a Carte De Sejour (or ‘Titre de Sejour’ as it says on the card itself). We gave our papers in to show that we had been in France and working in Monaco for 3 years. We applied as EU citizens living in France.

Finally, last month, after a 15 month wait we received our plastic wallet style ‘titre de sejour’ in the post.

On my wives card it says it starts on 27/MARCH/2019 and expires 5 years later on 26/MARCH/2024.

On my one (for some strange reason) it says it starts on 18/JULY/2019 and expires 5 years later on 17/JULY/2024.

I was surprised to see that on the ‘titres de sejour’ which we received, that they are valid for 5 years. Does it mean that we do not have to go to renew the card until the date mentioned on the card in 2024? I thought that as we have only been in France 3 years, we would have had to renew the carte de sejour every year, until we have been in France for 5 years? So I dont understand why the prefecture did not put a expiry date 12 months after the issue date. Am I expected to go to the Precture anyway, every 12 months to maintain my status, even though the expiry date is in 2024? What did other people get as their expiry date from their prefecture when they got their first carte de sejour when applying with less than 5 years residency in France?


If you are a UK Citizen, it makes no difference what date is on the CdS (TdS), it will expire in accordance with the terms of the WA and you will be required to obtain a WA card by (at the moment) July 2021.
See other threads on this very subject.


Yup, I second Graham’s view. All British cartes de séjour will become invalid at the end of Brexit transition period. You will then until July 2021 to apply for an article 50 card via the new portal which will open in October. If you already have cards it should be very straightforward.

So forget about the dates you have…


Ok thanks Graham for your advice on this matter

Many thanks Jane for your feedback too!

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This is the Luxembourg web site that might give some hints on what might show up when the FRENCH site launches (as I understand it) in October.