Carte de Sejour - Rhône 69

I live in Rhône department 69. I applied for a Carte de Sejour when the sites opened for the very first time (i.e January 2020).

I received an email with " ATTESTATION D’ENREGISTREMENT DE DEMANDE DE TITRE" and the appropriate reference number on 18th January 2020, so almost 14 months ago.

I appreciate that this process has had a stop start stop start life so far but now I see friends in other departments getting appointments and the carte.

I would be interested to hear if anyone in department 69 has had an appointment and should I worry or should I resubmit?

I’m sure someone from 69 will chime in… meanwhile… please don’t stress.

Every department is doing its own thing.

Also, every department is having to deal with all sorts of extra stuff, related to covid et al… so nothing is “normal”.

hang onto that email… all will become clearer… eventually.


We are in exactly the same position in your neighbour 71.

and I’ve just seen that department 69 is under extra-vigilance against covid… so things can’t be easy

It would be nice to know what is happening though.

I thought folk did know what is happening. I’m sure it says somewhere on the French gov site/blurb…
Anyone who has received the acknowledgement of their application… will be contacted in due course.

I totally agree, 14 months is a long wait!

Yes, but what does due course mean - 14 months? I know some things take longer for example I’ve waited 6 months to get my renewed Blue Badge for parking etc - but I could, at all times, track its progress…

Simon… If you are seriously worried that your dossier has been lost/forgotten/whatever… I suggest you speak at your Mairie… tell them of your worries and ask if there is any way that they can quietly (via their many contacts) find out if the delay is “par for the course” or if you do have a problem.

best of luck

I wouldn’t fret. I don’t think 69 has extra resources for this, so are having to absorb a doubling of their workload with the British influx, a new process, and with staff off sick and working from home,

But if it really worries you them email the préfecture with your reference number.

I know it is frustrating but please don’t worry, you have the original email so you are on the system. Even though you applied then all was on hold until at least October, so you really can think of your application only going in then. Many prefectures didn’t start processing then even and are only now slowly starting to roll out appointment emails, don’t worry you are not alone. They won’t reply to emails, as you can imagine if they had to constantly stop for email / phone enquiries it would take twice as long to get through.

They are all doing their best, as pp said most do not have extra resources and the brexit applications are a tiny, tiny percentage of their regular CDS applications (according to a source at Bordeaux prefecture). They all seem to be dealing differently with them, some first in, first dealt with, others alphabetical order etc. Please dont’ worry - they all know they have until the 01/10 to get the cards to us and will work their schedules in order to ensure that happens.

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So we all agree… no need to panic… just wait patiently… as per the gov blurb… :smiley: :smiley:

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My experience of the Rhône préfecture is that it is not known for it’s alacrity for pretty much anything, even in normal times, unless things have improved recently, which I somehow doubt. Too many demands placed on it and not enough staff. Sizeable immigrant population to deal with from all nationalities, of which Brits represent a very small part.