Carte de Sejour (WA) application date

I posted this earlier but perhaps it’s important enough to have its own thread.

The date to apply has changed.

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Just made a slight amendment to the title and category David to make it clearer…

Is there a Brexit category? I couldn’t see one when I looked through the drop down list so put it in general. It might be better moved elsewhere.
I believe that there are people who are a bit stressed about their applications and changing dates are often the last straw.

Yes, I changed that too…

There’s no need for anyone to stress about it to be honest, the closing date is 1st July 2021

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I take the fact that they have changed the date as a good sign that they are comfortable about registering applications from X thousand people in 9 months. And presumably will be standard set of paperwork that is required - identity, healthcare, and resources - so one would hope that most people have this ready now!

I’m not stressing I don’t even have to apply. :slight_smile:

IIRC, those with a current CdS will possibly only require a new set of fingerprints (as the existing ones on file are deleted after 6 months) so that could make the process easier and thus less tiresome…

Sorry David, that wasn’t aimed at you in particular but at people in general…

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Oh…Oh! It took several attempts before they accepted my 'prints with the machine! I did get the CdS ok (in the shortest time in France according to ‘The Connection’ newspaper), but 'cos I work a lot with my hands (believe that and you’ll believe anything) maybe my prints will be even more worn. Just hereditary, I expect.

Shorter than ours? 20 minute wait for walk-in appointment, cards ready two weeks later which required another 10 minute wait.

Interesting. Have looked at the link and wonder if all remains the same for those of us who applied during the small window of opportunity when the site opened for applications a few months ago and told that the applications would be carried forward to the new system so no need to reapply.

If you applied online and got an email telling you that you do not have to apply again that stands.

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11 days …

Rats! We don’t get the biscuit :frowning: