Carte de sejour - work permit

I’m seeking advice on behalf of someone who is a uk citizen but has a Carte de sejour for 3 years to work in France for 6 months each year.

We are trying to establish when the year starts in terms of the 6 months work , a calendar year or a rolling year ?

No idea without seeing it but when France says a year generally they mean calendar year.

This sounds like some sort of visa for seasonal work or work that’s expected to be intermittent so that also fits.

If it’s a “carte de séjour pluriannuelle - travailleur saisonnier” then would normally be from the date the card was first validated, and the holder can be in France for 6 of the 12 months that follow. They must keep a home outside France.

Thanks for the info

I have no advice to offer, but welcome to the forum Amanda!