Carte de sejour

I am aware that people are panicking and applying for carte de sejour in the light of imminent Brexit. Have I missed something do I need one and what are the conditions? ie time living in France/employment etc…

Here we go Madeson - all the info your need:

Titres, documents de séjour et de circulation des étrangers

Cheers, concise but confusing I shall muse…

Why confusing Madeson? - it’s pretty well laid out and straightforward. What’s your situation and I’ll point you to the relevant section if you like - i.e. how long have you been French resident and what type of permit do you want?

everything’s on the government site, clearly laid out too. Be aware that many préfectures won’t process applications from brits until the brexit situation is clear, which makes complete sense as it isn’t needed at present and even if you have one it’ll be worthless after brexit as it’ll be the wrong one (for EU citizen rather than a non-EU citizen)! Really not worth the hassle despite what pannicking journelists are writting :wink:


Does anyone know if you can apply at the sous prefecture in Carhaix or if not where is the nearest to area 29?

Hi Simon less than a year!!

Are you an EU citizen?

yes I am

Phone and ask, or phone the préfecture in Quimper: 02 98 76 29 29

But you may get a simple “why” as it isn’t needed and doesn’t make sense either until we know what is going to happen with the Brexit (if you’re a UK citizen that is, if not it really doesn’t make sense!) :wink:


Andrew what you are saying is what I understood to be the case but now everything I read suggests we are doomed with out one!!

@Maddie1 Andrew is absolutely right - you don’t need a Carte / Titre de Séjour now and you don’t know what you’re going to need (if anything) post Brexit if you’re a UK citizen. Just chill :slight_smile:


Simon’s answered for me :slight_smile: