Carte Gris

Morning all

After having to get a new CT for our car, due the bureaucracy of the french, 5 visits to Alencon, so that we can get the Carte Gris in our name, the new CG does not have any details of the CT( ie renew date),

Do we need to have this information on the new CG, and if so will the CT garage supply one without having to have another CT

many thanks,


See what you mean. It's easy for me to watch as I know absolutely zero about cars etc.

Well, it got us to Anglesey for the regular summer caravan hire alright, with a bit of heating up in traffic jams through Rhyl and places. He did have to fiddle with it quite a bit though, apparently getting spares was a bit of problem. I didn't realise they were made in Bratford, Norman!

Well Ian, would you believe it but yes !!!

My brother, when he was in his late teens early twenties (he's about seven years older than I) was in to stock cars. The family had land on the marshes so he converted a part-field into a track. he used to buy old bangers destined for the scrapheap and one of his gems was a Javelin.

Andrew, I would probably have learnt OK at 35 !

Millions around here, well, thousands anyway. Many villages have been saved by the brits & dutch and many artisans of all nationalities live very well from the overseas buyers.

Sorry, I don't. Watched one and found so much wrong that I haven't bothered since. TV=entertainment, not fact :)

Bradford's finest, until the weekend (footie)

Bet you don't remember this one Peter, what my dad bought in the early 60s :

It had the deepest most comfiest back seat, even better than a Citroen DS!

Do you watch Wheeler Dealers Norman ? They did one episode recently 'doing up' an Elise. They also did an Esprit in an earlier series. Lotus, the pride of Gods Country (erhh Norfolk ) !!!

Hardly any permanent Brits around here, they're mostly winter ski addicts. Just a couple of "immigrants" like me, not expats. I don't really go looking for Brits, except those who can speak Lanky dialect :)

Good for you! I cheeted - started languages at 35, degree in French and Italian then came over for good once I'd got a maîtrise : français langue étrangère and had enough of teaching languages in the UK!

ok, thanks for the info - never realised that

I'm 68 and Lynne is 65 and we find it difficult to learn anything new, let alone a language. However Lynne is very good and French folk are amazed when they realise she's English. I'm nowhere near that good but can manage to do allmy transactions in French.

most French are nice, Norman, good to hear it - my OH and kids are French (and yes I'm an immigrant, not really an expat) and guess what, we speak French all the time ;-)

Charles, so it is, I've not seen one around NW France.

Ian, Peter and Andrew, it's always the same 10/90% split. When I was in Rotary 10% did the work and 90% moaned about it :)

We have nothing to do with the Brits in our area, the attitude is that as we're all Brits we must be friends. I pick friends carefully and whilst there's nothing wrong with them they are not the people I would choose to be friends with in the UK so why here? We a have French friends and couldn't find nicer folk if we tried. In fact I've only ever met one "nasty" French person, the lady in AXA who told me very rudely to get my Elise registered in France before she would give me a devis. The nice lady in Groupama not only gave me a devis and got my business but made up a french reg number for the computer whilst I waited for the French number to come through.

I feel that it's what we make of it, remember we're immigrants, speak French (or at least try to) and all will be fine.

Peter and Norman, my clientelle is 99.9% French. I'm talking about French chèques written by French customers and although the laws are fairly strick in France those who have nothing to lose don't give a monkey's!

Axa is also a Banque.