Carte Grise address

i just noticed (at the garage - not in a random way) our carte grise has our old address - the number plates don't show our department - so that's not a problem - but...

are we supposed to have changed the cg to show our new address?

thanks, teresa

In the event that you missed it on the link that Andrew provided the wrong address on the carte grise can lead to a rather stiff fine if the police notice it. I would recommend therefore that you take care of this asap. Strangely enough however, the law does not require the address on the driving permit to be current.

Andrew - thanks so much - it's so kind of you to take the time to answer such a boring question!

if we were still in the northern tarn we'd drop by some day...!

yes, but you don't need to change the new style carte grises, Teresa, you can do it all on-line and you'll be sent the new address stickers - just stick them on the existing carte grise and that's that! you can do this up to 4 times before they renew the carte grise. we've done it twice now. more info here ;-)