Carte Grise change after end of credit agreement

We bought a new Citroen in August 2016 on Citroen finance (Credipar).The credit agreement was for 4 years but last September we paid off the balance, so the car became ours.
Taking the car for it’s first CT we noticed that Credipar is still in the Carte Grise in section C.1 … which is the section for ‘le proprietaire du vehicle’. We are written in C.3 as the normal place that the car is kept - that is perfectly correct.

When we paid the balance there was never any request to send in the Carte Grise or to do anything.

Should we have? I have a letter ready to send to Credipar if that is necessary, but if someone knows better … It might get important because we are likely to sell the car soon.

Do you have correspondence from Credipar releasing you from the contract? That letter could be the only evidence you need together with the form certificat de non-gage showing there is no outstanding debt on the car for you to be able to sell it…

I rather suspect that the CG needs to be in Roger’s name now… and before he sells.

With the correct paperwork… surely that can be done through the ANTS system … ???

Thanks, both of you. I will have another search through our paperwork, I’m sure we will have something…