Carte Grise for UK registered car

Well you lovely lot… you helped me big time with my 846a and I will be forever grateful… Now the next bit… I have spent all day photocopying, printing etc to obtain my Carte Grise (2 cars)… I really want to take it to a garage and get it done there - ANTS and I don’t get along - call me stupid, I don’t care… I thought I cracked it as was told Norauto do them and it was just down the road from the CPAM office where I need to go in Sarlat… Just been ‘chatting’ to them on their website and they only do Carte Grises for cars on French plates… which is what my ultimate aim is obviously… Before I stop at every garage on my travels - am I likely to find this to be the case generally? Thank you. Jane

If you do Facebook, go onto one if the specialist registering vehicles in France groups and find either Mark Rimmer or Madeleine Gruber (though be careful which group you’re on as there’s some friction between the two admins and one will get ratty if you mention the wrong person) .

They’re very experienced in dealing with imports unlike most French immatriculation agents.

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PM sent

Many won’t but apparently some do.

If you’ve got your 846a have you also got a certificate of conformity which will also be needed.

Depends on the ages of the vehicles. My 2007 Peugeot didn’t need a CoC because there was an entry on the V5 which is the EU code for conformity

Mark Rimmer was able to do the biz with those codes. He explained that cars have had these codes going back - well, far enough for me - and commercial vehicles since 2009/2010

Chech your V5s for entries at D2

Was that pre-brexit?


So allowing time for Mark to assemble all the docs and submit then, no. Post Brexit. The C.G. is dated 10/02/2021.

My understanding of Mark’s comments re D2 codes is that if a V5 has them noted, that’s it with the EU. It’s got a conformity status.

Interestingly, despite the MoT being pre-Brexit, it was within the 6 month window and I was not required to get a C.T.

And when I did need a C.T. they didn’t fail it on RHD headlights nor for reverse and fog being ‘the other way round’ from LHD. I shall go back to that C.T. station!

I went to the main dealer and the CT station beforehand and neither thought changing them was necessary. I always go back to the same CT guy now!