Carte grise watchout/warning

When I just purchased the van, the garage completed all the necessary details to obtain the carte grise, and today I received a text from ANTS telling me the carte grise was being prepared - great, I thought.

But then I thought about the scooter I just purchased, as hadn’t heard anything, so I called ANTS and finally managed to speak to someone, and after providing all the details, they told me they had no record of the request, so I told them I had paid. So I then gave them the reference and they said, oh no, that’s not us :scream: Here we go I thought, so I contacted the person that sold me the scooter as he requested the carte grise whilst I was with him, and when I left he referred me to the ANTS site for any follow up. I spoke to the person and explained that he’d applied for the carte grise through a completely different independent site, to which he was surprised, as he thought he went onto the ANTS site. I looked on the web myself and there are indeed a great deal of ‘carte grise’ sites, all looking rather official. Then after you sift through all the dross, you manage to finally find the ANTS site. So I now wait for my carte grise, but it does irk me immensely how all these ‘alternative’ sites are allowed to operate, essentially duping folks day in day out. So lesson learned, always check and double check that someone who ‘knows what they’re doing’ does actually know what they are doing.

Do not be fooled with these ‘alternative’ sites. The site in question that was used for my carte grise is called Innocent and clear enough, but just not the official site.


Maybe the fact it’s not a site is a clue?


The person was trying to do me a favour, but think I’ll do my own favours next time :grinning:

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The french have a penchant for lighting tyres and cars. I would very much like all these dodgy agencies to suffer burning their premise to the ground and their families homes. Just saying…:blush:


Back to my comment on another thread, not enough is being done at Government and law enforcement levels, (nationally and internationally) to stop scams.