Carte Vitale and Livret Famille

Hi Survivors

I wonder if someone can explain to me in easy steps how I go about getting a Carte Vitale. My partner (not married) is French, I am Australian and have a Carte de Sejour and we have a child who has dual nationality: French and Australian. So far we do not have a Livret Famille because we are not married. My French partner has lost his Carte Vitale so that needs to be replaced and also either myself and my son added to his carte vitale or issued with out own. My partner who is French has no idea how to get another one and does not have the time to do the necessary calling around, driving around and generally hanging around to find out so it is down to me. (He is trying desperately to keep his small business afloat!). Can anyone please give me some easy (I know that is asking a lot here in France) steps as to how I go about obtaining a carte vitale.

The issue of getting a Livret Famille is also rather pressing. I am unable to get my son a French passport or French Identity card without one (he has a certificat de Nationalitie Francaise) but this is not sufficient for the purposes of passport or identity card as he is just 7 years old. We do not want to get married because that is whole other paperwork and coordination nightmare, but we really do need a Livret de Famille. Any ideas anyone. I woud be so grateful on both counts.

Many thanks

Even if you're not married or pacsed you are still entitled to a carte vitale

Getting your son a French birth certificate won't be a problem as long as he has an Australian one with his father on it - go to the Mairie where you live with all your partner's papers (even better with your partner) and the Mairie will do everything necessary for your son to be registered in Nantes (which is where all French people born abroad are registered) once you have a Fr birth certificate issued by Nantes you can apply for a carte d'identité for him. it doesn't matter that you didn't register him as French as a baby.

As for the Carte Vitale that I'm afraid is up to your partner, you can't do anything about it and as you are neither PACSED or married you probably won't be on it, just your son. Why don't you get PACSED? much easier than being married and it does give you some advantages. You just have to agree to live together and be taxed together so hardly difficult.

his carte vitale will be issued by his caisse (who he pays his cotisations to), probably the RSI if he's got his own business.

For the carte vitale there is alot of information on the survive france useful links page

I think to obtain a french passport for a child you will need a birth certificate,you don't need a livret de famille.However as he has an Australian birth certificate I'm not really sure.....It might be a good idea to ask at la mairie,I'm sure they can advise you.....or otherwise the Australian embassy

Thanks Suzie. One further complication: my son does not have a French birth certificate, he was born in Australia and I did not realise I had to have him registered at the Embassy in Australia. Of course, his father's name and nationality are on the Australian birth certificate so maybe that would work.

Hi Lynda

As you are not married and you don't have French nationality all you can hope for is "un livret de PERE CELIBATAIRE"!!!!!

If you go to la maire with your son's birth certificate you should be able to get one no problem