Carte vitale - are we eligible

We have been researching our rights to a carte vitale and that you can apply after 3 months. We made the move in August and are not planning to work “inactive”
But have just read on a website that because we sre not officially retired we may not be eligible please could someone advise us what we should be applying for if not.

everyone is eligible to join the French health system after 3 months genuine residency here.

although without the S1 you will probably have to pay a certain percentage into the French HS .

You will need the letter from UK which states you have no entitlement to S1, first of all…

this has been discussed today… on the forum… with the link, I think.

If you check recent Heathcare threads… I’m sure you’ll find it.

good luck

someone will chime in with info, I’m sure.


Agree with Stella, of course you are eligible as anyone who is legally resident in France is entitled either immediately if working and paying cotisations or after 3 months if inactive You will have to contribute, in arrears, so will get a bill eventually for about 8% of your income over 10,000 € approx.

We have the letter from uk to say S1 not applicable but CPAM want private pension statements and 12 months uk bank statements i can’t see why we have been at this for weeks and getting nowhere

Just keep going with it and send everything that they ask for. We replied three times and then after about 5 months of waiting, attestations came through to say we were eligible. We still haven’t got out card through but the attestations suffice. We were given a temporary social security number too.

Forgot to mention, we’re ‘inactive’ too having both retired early. We haven’t had anything through yet as to contributions but it will no doubt happen in time.

It is normal for CPAM to ask for proof of income. That is part of the
application process and all self supporting inactifs have to provide it. There is
no point in arguing because your application is not complete without it
and until your application is complete CPAM will not consider it.

As to why they ask for it. Self supporting inactifs are entitled to join
puma but it is not automatic. They have to apply and they have to prove
they are eligible. To be eligible to join puma you have to be legally
resident in France and to be legally resident in France you have to have
sufficient income to be self supporting. I suppose that it the logic
behind it.

Best advice is just give them what they ask for.

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I really thought all that had gone now, and all they can ask is proof of residency! That’s like it was in the old days, when we arrived, and we had to supply them with every single detail about our finances going back over a year, plus birth and marriage certificates, plus proof of residence, etc etc.

Don’t despair, you will get there. Treat it as an introduction to French administration - why ask for one piece of paper once, when asking for two pieces twice is just so much more fun…

For sure, anyone without S1 is bound to have to provide details of finances… :+1:
Haven’t you got those documents ???

Getting into CPAM can take time… which is why alternative health cover is advised for the period at least…

you’ll get there… in the end.

If you will be applying for a residence card as a newly arrived brit I think you will need to provide the same evidence so it is worth scanning the documents and keeping them on your computer for future use.


I have a folder on my desktop with my “documents”. Over the years they have been called for so many times! Welcome to France.


and, to reinforce what JJ says, just be very aware of the requirements to keep documents in France

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I have a list as well Graham from a French site and have been using it when I purge my filing cabinet.
Izzy x

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It’s worth getting a hamster as a pet just so you can include their birth certificate in any portfolio of documents you’re asked to provide…

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but don’t forget the requirement for the place of birth documents for the hamster’s parents :wink:
très important!

And their marriage certificate :hugs:

but only if granted at the local mairie and not Château de la Motte :wink:

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My hamsters have all been complete bastards so no parents’ marriages involved :wink:

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In our important documents wallet I proudly include our dog’s French passport and a copy of his diploma “de Sociabilité et d’Aptitude à l’Utilisation”. (The original hangs above his bed).

upside down like your new avatar? :crazy_face: image

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