Carte vitale attestation

I have been " occupé " of late trying to obtain my Carte Vitale due to impending family visits to hospital and dentists , today i have recieved an attestation for the CV.

Is this normal ? whats the point ?

It only has my name on despite me adding the family when originally registering which seems odd as i read on RSI etc that the family is automatically covered.

Anybody else had this ?

Thanks Steve

trop de fonctionaires = trop de taxe , we all get it why cant the French !


the worrying thing is that the attestation only has my name on , and i had a prescription to get today which i did with the attestation and only had to pay a portion of the cost (about 25 %) , the pharmacy kept the feuille anyway saying i didnt need it ? and when i asked the question if on another occasion the prescription was for my partner or children she said " NON " you must write to the caisse mutuelle and their names have to be on it !

More confusion ?

so am i correct in thinking for each prescription presented i will continue to pay this amount ?

You can download a copy of your attestation from the web site.

i have always been told that your attestation is more important than your CV and not to lose it as it cannot be replaced and has to be shown if there are any future problems with your cv - so keep it very safe !!

Hi Steve, experiencing something similar. Hubby registered as AE in Aug last year and recently received Attestation from RAM having submitted a variety of documents. We thought I was covered, as at the time of registering with Chambre de Metier, my details were added. It seemed that when we chased and chased RAM wanted to see my documentation too... as up until this point I am not covered on hubbys. All relevant docs have been submitted and fingers crossed hope to see my name on the attestation and eventual carte vitale. It seems there is a lot of admin/paperwork involved at these offices and that it gets there in the end. In the meantime we have been collecting our feuille de soins ready for submission. Good luck!

Hi Steve, The attestation system is really an admission that the administration section of the health service cannot (or will not) come up with your carte vitale inside a reasonable period of time. I have known it to take a year or more. The attestation does the job in terms of you getting the service, but you pay now and get a refund through the feuille de soins system, which happily keeps more fonctionnaires busy (and paid).

My wife & I have our own CV's & a joint mutual attestation in my name.

A photocopy of the attestation has always sufficed.


yes it's normal and the attestation is in effect more important than the carte vitale - it's proof of your entitlement. As for having the whole family on it, no it isn't automatic, I had to send birth certificats and copies of our livret de famille. got them on and then not long ago they were taken off! waiting for them to be put back on and to be "moved" within the rsi as I've changed status. cpam also nearly ruined everything, was with them for a few years, then went self employed, it took a year to make the change and get the new carte vitale, a year later the cpam did an update and tried to update me on their system which cancelled my rsi one, I had a right go and they sorted it within a month.

Courage et bonne chance !

I have my daughters on mine. Great, so it means that if two of us need treatment or have an appointment at the same time in two different places it does not work. The children should be able to have their own issued. RSI even said so, but for them done is done and not to be redone. Unlike other people who waited months or years, we had our Vitales in a couple of weeks, now pushing four years. Getting them to change though... We'll wait until they are whatever age it is when they must have their own, probably 18, and wriggle through somehow.