Carte Vitale - How Long should it Take and Where to Follow up if I havent Received one?

Hi, I have been in the French tax system since 16 March 2017 as a micro-entreprise but I still have not have received my Carte Vitale. Ii have had no problem with setting up and paying my cotisations online, that was all really easy, and I sent off the requested proofs of address and identity, etc etc etc, avec accuse’ de reception. I’ve had letters inviting me to come for a mammogram, colorectal cancer screening, etc etc etc but the one thing I haven’t received is the carte Vitale.
I’d be very grateful for advice on how and where do I follow up to ask what’s become of it? - and also, amidst the many many bits of paper I’ve been sent, is there a number which will act as a temporary substitute? Many thanks for any advice!

Hi Diane…

Perhaps you should take a long, hard look at the “many,many bits of paper” you have received…and try to identify what each bit is actually all about.

You might find something carrying the phrase… “Attestation des Droits”. (We got that before our cards arrived…)

If you have a local CPAM office, you could have a chat with them… they should be able to tell you what is going on… :relaxed:

As Stella says, have a look through your paperwork for an attestation d’ayant droit. Once you’ve got that you’re up and running and can get treatment and claim back using feuilles de soin. Don’t go to the CPAM as that’s for mainstream employees etc. You’ll most likely be with the RSI or CIPAV (or MSA if it’s agricultural) and that’s who you need to talk to but from experience these things can take months if not a year or so. It took them a couple of years to transfer me from one RSI branch to another and they lost me for a while too. The CPAM tried to take me back at one point (hadn’t been with them anymore for some years at the time) and cocked everything up and had to get a new carte vitale from the RSI !

Courage, ça ira :wink:

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I used my ‘attestation’ today at my local hospital as I haven’t received the card, and it was accepted without a problem.

Or rather… with the interesting fact that despite the fact I sent them my medecin traitant’s name two months ago, they still haven’t put that on the system. But that’s a detail. The financial side worked. :slight_smile:

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