Carte Vitale on Smartphone

Being trialled in 2023… but don’t panic… whilst it might well become available nationwide, it won’t become obligatory… one will be able to retain the actual card if preferred… for the forseeable future…

Or embrace the convenience of having it with you at all times (too often forgotten when I arrive at pharmacy!)

Bring it on.

different strokes for different folks.

I had not intended to start a discussion back and forth… like we had when Covid passports could be on mobiles or paper form…

It will be useful for many who do have smartphones, I’m sure… but it is clearly stated that this will not be obligatory, so I thought I’d mention that before other folk fret…


I do get slightly concerned that one day I will be replaced by a smart phone…no longer need to remember addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, health number, birthdays and the hundred other things that are in my phone.

And i very rarely back it up (can’t even remember how I do it) so loosing it would be awful.

I know I’m behind the times… preferring actual bits… :wink:
thankfully, I’m not alone…

Anyway, you mention the amount of data which is often stored on a smartphone… and I would think that the more the important stuff is stored, its loss or theft could (indeed) cause problems/frauds etc … (more than just a forgotten birthday). :wink:

Happily, there’s room for smart and not so smart- phones. :wink: :rofl: :rofl:

EDIT I am the Keeper of The Book of Days… which has births, marriages, deaths and last known addresses listed… and my daughter phones every year to check on something or another for the Xmas list or whatever … :rofl:

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I hate mobile phones, the art of conversation between strangers in a waiting room is dead, they all get their phones out and start twiddling. I refuse to have internet on a mobile phone (can’t afford it anyway) and like you Stella prefer to have my actual “bits” to hand, the CV is always with me in my wallet as are all my important papers and every year I get paper tax forms to check and sign. It all stems back to the fact that I do not understand how most of these things work and am afraid of them, I never learned anything to do with computers so my kids showed me facebook and how to get on sites like this, it does not control my life though. Oh and the one thing that really riles me and is the epitomy of bad manners is when people get their phones out and start using their thumbs at the meal table, it is just plain rude!


If not using an iPhone, scroll down to Method 3

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Many people cannot manage technologie for whatever reason… which is why the French Govt always leaves the basic options available…

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