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Just to add to this, you will need an S1 Refusal Letter to prove no other country is responsible for your health care.


J.J. The voice of reason.

… and so I did. Very efficient and friendly they were, too. Not too many docs required. In and out in 20 mins. Chapeau to CPAM St Lo. Manche.

That was on Dec 9th. Given that offices of all sorts will be hampered by restrictions imposed by the pox and there’s been Christmas and New Year holidays, anyone like to hazard a guess as to how long it takes for a CV and assoc’d paperwork to be issued?

Going to need it for CdS application.

By the way:

On another thread on this topic I have seen it writ that Newcastle will not issue an ‘additional’ or second or replacement S1. I phoned them yesterday to ask if they had had their copy of my S1 returned to them by CPAM St Lo. I was told it would be in a pile of them somewhere, they being a bit snowed under, but “would you like me to send you another S1?”

I presume this will be a duplicate of the one that I submitted to CPAM. Very good of them. Can never have too many S1s.


Fingers crossed for you @captainendeavour
I have also found that CPAM at St Lo are incredibly helpful. What happened for me was that they sent me a letter pretty well straight away with what proved to be a temporary number on it. This was followed a few weeks later by the card itself. Based on my experience, if you are getting a mutuelle and can hang on a bit, wait for the card to arrive although you can open one with the temporary number if you need to. It gets a bit complicated later when you need to swap the emporary number for the permament one.

I haven’t had anything back, temp or otherwise, to date. My appointment was followed by the Xmas/N.Yr. hiatus, not to mention staffing/virus probs. It’s been 23 working days.

My understanding is that until one has some form of s.s. number one is a voice crying in the wilderness, suffering the abomination of desolation. That’s me.

PS. I spoke to Newcastle on 6th Dec. Same day they bashed out another S1 and instruction. Came in the post today, 13/01.

Take a bow Newcastle. C’mon, now, CPAM St Lo!

Just don’t get ill! Hang in there - it wasn’t very long at all until I got my number… :crossed_fingers:

There’s also a special case of having retired in a private pension before your state pension age. It’s a much simpler process ( paperwork such as the S1 is still required). Depending on your income, the assurance is free, but you still have to pay for your mutuelle.

CPAM is the right place to start, they are generally very helpful. Not sure how Covid-19 is affecting their level of service.