Carte Vitale website

is this the official government website?
it says l’assurance
the very mention of the word smacks of private organisations trying to get more money out of us all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nope… it’s the official site. You can set up your Compte ameli to keep tabs on your health cover through the French system and where you can check on all aspects like your last payments and other important information such as downloading your attestation…

well that wasn’t very successful, I can’t register without ‘n° de sécurité sociale’

attestation for what?

It’s the number on your carte vital - the green card you hand in to you GP, the pharmacy or the hospital when getting medical care.
Do you not have one?

It says in the graphic - your attestation of rights to health care…
You’ll probably need that when applying for your CdS to prove your rights to healthcare :wink:

Errr no, that’s why I’m trying to register to get one! :grin:

work your way through this…

I’ve removed that as they want credit card details… aaaargh. sorry
try this instead

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carts and horses unfortunately :wink:

Frankly, Brits here (local) make an appointment and visit the local office of CPAM Caisse Assurance Maladie Primaire

Depending on one’s situation… various documents will need to be produced, but attending with passport, proof of address… and 3 million other documents will be a good start.

blimey page 2 and they already want 24,99€!!
are you sure this is an official government website? shouldn’t it be called or similar?

including a book to read - a big one :slightly_smiling_face:

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scratches head
image from the link @smw posted

… if you look… I explained why I had removed that link and immediatelygave the fr gouv site…

I’ll leave you to it… you can take a good look and sort things through, I’m sure…

for someone who “always leaves things to the last minute” your reactions are a tad toooo fast…


yes well, you obviously have more faith in the system than I do!
and yes I’m a ‘late starter’ but when I get going I can still move quite quickly :grimacing:
luckily I’m blessed with a fast internet connection :yum:

@davew Just how long have you been resident in France?

Cheers, Dave.

I believe that you have to show that you’ve been resident in France for a minimum 3 months before you’re eligible to apply for the carte vitale.

One thing I recall having to do, that took some time, was obtaining a (recent) birth certificate and then a french translation. Not to suggest that I was born yesterday… :slight_smile:

I can’t find the list of documents at the moment, but I have a suspicion that fast internet will help but having the documents listed on the application process’s list, handy and scanned, might be key to the whole process going successfully for you.

So if that makes sense, I would look for an application form, and even more importantly, the list of documents required. These days you might be able to submit them online; I had to make an appointment and bring all of the documents to the appointment. But maybe nowadays, the fast internet will be useful for sending in your documents. I do suggest making sure none of the images of the documents that you send in, are larger than 1 Mb.

Success to you.

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@davew, just two questions, are you officially retired (receiving a UK pension) or will you be working in France?

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this might be useful…

I think you’d better get your skates on, as a lot is closed until new year. And our caisse is not open to walk-in appointments anyway, and getting an appointment in advance is difficult.

Two most likely scenarios:

A: If you are not working, have been in France since September, but not yet in receipt of your state pension you need to make contact with your local CPAM and ask how to apply to join health system as you have been resident for 3 months.

B: If you are in receipt of your state pension then you need to phone the DWP international section in Newcastle and ask for your S1. That will then allow you to join the French health system as soon as it arrives.

It will make your life easier if one of these scenarios happens before the 31st Dec.