Carte Vitale

I moved to France with French husband and son in March this year. My husband has a Carte Vitale however both my son and I are yet to be added to it. We have been trying to get added to the card - with no success. We have provided all requested paperwork - Bith Certs/ Marriage Certs but last week we were asked for a Livret de Famille. We are a bit stuck as to how to get this and also frustrated that we are being asked for a brand new document 9 months after the original request.

To add to the problem I am pregnant and Dr's bills are mounting up. I am due on 6 March and have been told that there is a possibility that I may have to have a Caesarean - not sure how we can possibly afford to pay for this.

If anyone has any advice on how to speed up the process it would be greatly appreciated

The most important thing is initially to get them onto your other half's attestation de sante. (It has taken us 2 and a half years to finally get the carte vitales but we had the attestations pretty quickly) The form you need for this is a 'Declaration en vue du rattachement des membres de la famille assures pour le benefice de l'assurance maladie et maternite' References on the form - top left CERFA No 12047'01 + bottom right S 3126a. This is what the RSI have just sent out to me after I tried to add Maisy (our 3rd child) to my husband's carte vitale.

We are insured with RSI Ram Gamex as my hubby is AutoEntrepreneur Prof Liberale. Kiddies 1+2 were born in France and have French extrait de naissance so were added instantly and a new attestation issued. Maisy however was born in England (hubby working in London at the mo) so adding her has been more tricky. Our top up insurance added her but RSI are messing us about so now I am getting letters from top up insurer asking why their records do not match RSI....I'm chasing my tail!

Anyway I've filled out the above form (which has possibly the longest name ever for a form) and it asks for a livret de famille which of course we don't have because we're English so I am going to send over Maisy's birth certificate translated into French and certified by our local Mairie for the second time - again with registered post (avec avis de reception).

If you are English I would recommend speaking to Newcastle Department of Health ASAP and asking for a form S2 (formerly E112 - permission to have your baby abroad) this form will then mean you won't pay anything in the hospital as it would all be settled directly with the UK. You also have 2 options for all your other feuille de soins. 1. Send them to the UK to Newcastle to be reimbursed under your UK cover or save them and once you have the attestation de Sante then send them all in to the french system to be reimbursed, they should backdate the attestation to the date you moved to France with your husband. Make sure you save your ordanances (prescriptions) and if you have any medecines the vignette (little sticker) off the side of the packet needs sticking to your pharmacy ordanance.

When I had my first baby in France I was insured under the UK system and the french hospital didn't even ask for the S2 form but it was good to have it just in case. For my 2nd I was under the French system and just needed to give them the attestation de sante.

I know the pregnancy bit is expensive but just wait till you have the baby - monthly medecin visits & vaccin's add up too! I'm currently owed around 400 euro now because they are so slow at adding Maisy. Although I recall being owed over a thousand euro during my first pregnancy! It all came back eventually but the paperwork is almost a full time job! I think my other half has it easy going to work as he doesn't have to do all this silly nonsense!

Good luck & if I can be of any help, just ask :)

If you worked in the uk before your move then you should be entitled to an S1 from the department ofpensions and benefits based in Newcastle. I moved here Sept 2010 and was due to have a baby in Late nov 2010. Like yourself I had no medical cover and bills mounted up. Through constant chasing I got my cover about 3 weeks before my due date and was able to claim back most of costs and also any costs for me and my baby for about 3 months after the birth.

If you are not entitled to the above you need to go in person to your local cpam office and get them to demand a form from the uk to add yourself and son on to your husbands carte vitale (unfortunately you can not ask for this form direct) you then need to return it in person as is the quickest way to get things done and take your orriginal birth certs and passports to get added.

It is long winded, hope you sort it soon

oh an a carte vitale takes ages whatever the situation, CPAM and MSA are better than RSI from experience but ther again you don't have the choice!

Your OH should have or be able to get a livret de famille, I'm English but OH is French - we have a livret de famille with the kids in it etc but I'm an "also ran" mentioned as the father but not on the page destined for all the father's info because I'm not french and so haven't got a livret of my own etc...!

Hi there, There have been quite a lot of discussions on Carte Vitales and if you put it inot the search bar on SFN you will find them. There maybe an answer amongst them to your question I am afraid I don't know the answer as I am getting impatient for mine and I only applied in Spetemeber!

Hope you find the info