Case studies needed - good fee!

Can any of my lovely FB friends help my lovely mate and SFN member Sam? She's looking for a couple who split because of the 'kids' issue:

It can be a woman who split up with her bloke because she didn’t want more kids OR a woman who split up with her bloke because he didn’t want any more, i.e. they both had kids in a previous relationship. They will need to be named and provide a photo. It's for a UK woman's weekly magazine and there's a good fee available for the couple. Thanks! xx

Try Gary Lineker and Danielle whatsit :slight_smile:

I know of a UK family who split recently because they already had 6 kids and she wanted "just one more" and he refused! The house belonged to his family farm but still she kicked him out and kept the house and children who are being turned against their father and wants more in the way of money etc.! Very sad and so very selfish, there was obviously the hope that a grandson may take on the farm but that is not likely to happen now. Not much help to your friend but just another reason for a split.

40 years late.