Cat behaviour survey

I would like to ask for your help, I am currently studying to become a qualified Cat Behaviourist with COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology). I have already completed 2 of the 6 study units but need as much help as possible with the third unit. This is where you come in!

The brief is “Arrange for as many owners of cats (allowed free range outdoors and indoors), as possible to keep a record of the birds, rodents or other ‘victims’ of their cats over a period of at least 2 weeks.”

Obviously the more people I can involve, the more accurate the findings will be.

Can you help? I would like to start this coming Saturday, 26th March, continuing to Sunday 10th April.

Please let me know and I will send you a sheet to fill in. If you have the possibility of taking photographic evidence, this would be even better!

Thank you in advance.


For anyone who offered to take part, please return your findings to me before Monday and thank you so much for helping!
send to

Hi everyone,
I have been overwhelmed by the response! I expected to have about 10 participants but I have more than 50 - it is superb and really kind, thank you!
The form is attached. Please do not worry if your cat catches nothing, this information is just as valuable! Any photos of cat or victim also gratefully received.
Please return the form as soon as possible after the 10th April, I then have to collate and make sense of the whole thing, which will be fun!
Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any doubts – 05 63 94 73 97

Hi, I would be more than happy to help Lynn. I am owned by 8 rescued catz, and frequently have to remove thier ‘gifts’ !

As the harrassed owner of six British blues… free roaming I would be happy to help. Though that said they don’t normally bring in too many ‘victims’… or it could be they eat the evidence… Paule

Hello Lynn

I would be happy to help with your study. I only have one cat at the present, Toby, but he is a hunter!! Let me have a copy of your sheet and I will fill it in and I will try to take photos as well (although he is a devious little devil as he tries to get mice and lizards into the house)!!

Kind regards