Cat coming to France - what's needed from the vet and when

Hi I really hope someone can help. I’m coming back to France with my cat. He came to the UK with me in January so we’ve not long been away. I’m having trouble finding out what is necessary to allow him INTO France.

He already has a passport
He already has an electronic chip (since ages)
He already has a rabies vaccine (January 2018)

What else do I need and when? DEFRA and French Embassy in London isn’t providing any clues.

Many thanks if anyone’s recently done this or is a vet that can tell me.
Georgina and Aris the Cat.

Nothing as far as I know. Certainly when we have taken out dog back to the UK for holidays nothing has been needed to come back into France. And friends -who used to spend half the year here and half in the UK- needed nothing extra to fetch them back.Others may know better.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’ve contacted Brittany Ferries as well so if I hear from them I’ll update the post for everyone else too. Thanks Sue! G

This just in from Brittany Ferries:
Provided the cat’s pet passport is in order there should be no problems. Being a cat the tapeworm treatment is no longer required.