Cat flap recommedations please!

I’m looking for a good quality cat flap to install in a wooden door, any suggestions please?

Something like this or are they rubbish?

It depends if you need to stop other cats getting in too, the sureflap microchip cat flaps are great and programmable to let in just your own cats and not stray or next doors cat!

Why/how did it get destroyed? Was it locked, too small for a big cat? Perhaps look at one for a small dog in that case?
We have surefeed microchip food bowls and the quality seems good.
Best of luck!


I think Hector the Ridgeback tried to use it :slight_smile:

Do they use the microchips that that already have or do they have to wear another?

You just program them in one by one using their current microchips, they work a treat! Even for Hector types! :wink:

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Thank you so much @james for the timely Post re Cat Flaps…

I had completely forgotten to visit a neighbouring property tonight… folks are away and we have promised to give cuddles morning and night to their cat…:relaxed:

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