Cat-friendly hotel

Someone here (I think) recommended a cat-friendly hotel - IIRC, it was a restaurant with rooms, but quite big - in the north of France.

I can’t find the topic.

If you have any recommendations for such a place, I’d be very grateful.


Hi if you are looking in Brittany we stayed here with our cat at Rostrenen (22110) highly recommend it.

And the food was amassing.


Use and activate the ‘pet friendly’ filter in your search

Thanks. The problem I’ve found using the filter is that “pet-friendly” almost always means “dog-friendly”. The places which will welcome a cat are (for obvious reasons) fewer!

Perhaps use the filter to find places, but before booking phone to find out if they’re cat friendly.

Our cat behaves impeccably whereas our pedigree miniature poodle that’s welcome everywhere is very disruptive.

It was Les Tourelles in Le Wast, which was a one-horse town until the horse popped its clogs. We’ve stayed a couple of times. It’s great (if you like typical nord hotels full of elderly Brits with good food, which we do).

I remember someone mentioning a cat-friendly hotel in the north of France as well, but I can’t seem to find the exact topic either. However, I do have a recommendation for you! Have you heard of Le Chat Noir Hotel? It’s a charming boutique hotel located in the heart of Paris. They are known for being pet-friendly and providing a comfortable stay for both cats and their owners. The hotel has spacious rooms and even offers special amenities for your furry friend.

Thanks for the recommendation.

I often travel to Paris. Can you elaborate on what amenities they have for pets please?

Yes, of course! Le Chat Noir Hotel offers a variety of amenities for pets, such as food and water bowls, a cozy pet bed, and even a toy to keep them entertained. They also provide a litter box and litter for cats. Additionally, they offer a pet-sitting service if you need to leave your furry friend in the room while you go out and explore the city.

Wow, that’s fairly uncommon. Did you stay there yourself?

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No, just his cat. :slight_smile:


That’s curious as the hotel itself says no animals accepted!


I looked it up - I found only one, in Montmartre - and (like @JaneJones) I can’t see any indication they accept cats. Have you stayed there? If not, what is the source of your information in case one of us wants to have a furry friend taken care of there?

My cousin had experience checking in Le Chat Noir, she said that you can reach out directly with the hotel and request it.

I guess you’re American? Here we woukd just contact them!! :rofl::joy::grin:

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When we had our guesthouse in Scotland we advertised through

Good site, selection of truly pet friendly places to stay.
They have french properties listed, perhaps some accept cats…


We stayed in a wonderful hotel in the Cotswolds - The Lygon Arms. We had our two Airedales, Clara and Rosie, with us and we were allowed to take them into the sitting room where we had afternoon tea with them - much to the amazement of two American guests. We were in a turret room and our two had never been upstairs - they slept on the ground floor at home. The both reluctantly climbed up on their bellies but soon decided that they could get used to this way of life as they had their own beds and trays of treats.


We know this hotel! The bar would be like a petting zoo on occasions. I loved meeting all the pups and friendly persons.

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We found it easier to accommodate pets than children. Owners usually had everthing needed, but we had bowls, bed & treats at the ready.
Pets allowed everywhere BUT the dining room at mealtimes.
Much to the amusement of our cats - they knew how to deal with ‘intruders’.