Cat identification becomes obligatory

From January 1, 2012, identification becomes obligatory for all cats
Identification of cats aged over seven months and those born after January 1, 2012 is now mandatory.
So far, it was only obligatory in the case of rehoming (gift or sale).

" L’identification devient désormais obligatoire pour tous les chats
L’identification des chats âgés de plus de sept mois, et ceux qui sont nés après le 1er janvier 2012, est dorénavant obligatoire*.
Jusqu’à présent, elle ne l’était que dans le cadre d’une cession (don ou vente)**. A la charge du cédant, elle s’effectue au moyen d’un transpondeur ou d’un tatouage. "

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It certainly is Gina, our charity stance is that (direct quote from our website

There are also moral obligations for the protection of the cat

As a gesture of respect and responsibility you should give your cat an identity

Normally, a cat lives within its territory, but this could include a wide area that overlaps and mixes with other cat populations. Cats, seen roaming freely can be the object of organised capture programmes for neutering and, sometimes, euthanasia. Identification allows for owners of stray or wandering cats to be found.

Identification is invaluable for medical purposes. An identified cat will most likelyfollow regular health checks.

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