Cat Litiere Parfumee

Just a heads up for cat people out there. This of course may not apply in all areas. Went to Super U in Mirambeau (17) this morning for a few items and one of those things was cat litter.

The Litiere Parfumee is more expensive then the normal but does we find mask the ammonia odour from the cat wee quite well.

Anyway to get to the point the 7 litre bag was 3.68€ and on the shelf below the 14 litre bag was on special offer at 3.50€ a bag, so two were bought at that price. However saw a 7l bag being put into a trolly by another shopper as I approached, only in France!!

Not very exciting as bargains go but thought it might be useful to the hard up pensioners like me.

Happy shopping from Ian.