Cat Litter + Trays


Just wondering if anybody could recommend the perfect ‘clumping’ litter?

And where they get it from?

I currently use P’tit Ami Litiere Compact Agglomérante from LeClerc (4kg boxes) but it’s not that brilliant.

Also, when using clumping litter how often should the whole lot be discarded, even if it looks/smells (to humans!) perfectly ok?

And, thinking of a cat’s sensitive nostrils, what is the best solution for washing out the tray?


i used a similar one with the kittens, the wood based one’s are brilliant, i swapped the type of litter after my cat disappeared and i ended up having to hand rear her babies, while i was litter training them i noticed that they were trying to eat the cat litter so i quickly researched my options and found the wood base litter didn’t attract the kittens to eat it.
Anyway i acutally bought mine from leader price and it is pretty inexpensive there.

that is really handy to know Julie - thanks

Hi Chrissie,
I use the “Catsan” brand litter from Zooplus, but not the “Hygiène plus” one; they have another one in a light blue-green colored bag (I didn’t see it on the website, but it’s at the store). I have never tried flushing it, but it doesn’t clump anyway. I just scoop the poop right into the toilet every day (it’s located right next to the toilet) and then dump the whole thing and clean the box with white vinegar every week or so (she also uses the back yard as her toilet, so the litter doesn’t get ‘dirty’ too quickly).

Aha! That apostrophe makes all the difference. I googled ‘Prop chat’ as per your original reply and couldn’t find anything. But Prop’chat has worked!

The loo idea is a bit worrying but the makers say that the litter breaks down in the same way as loo paper so… ? Living deep in the countryside, with communal poubelles several kms away, I have to say that disposing of spoiled litter as/when rather than having to save it up for bin visits has its attraction!

Generally the perfumed litters puts cats off using the litter tray as most don’t like the smell

This isn’t the one we use, ours is called prop’chat. I guess the idea is the same but it would worry me a lot putting it down a toilet!

Hi Amy

I had a good look round Zooplus last night. Is this the litter you use?

I rather like the idea of being able to dispose of waste down the loo! I wonder if that works ok with a fosse septique?

Thanks Lynn, Amy

I like the idea of a litter that can be put on the compost heap but I don’t have one!

I always go for unscented. My view is that if the litter tray is kept clean then there should be no need for a perfume to cover the smell. Zorro obviously approves because, although an ‘out during the day’ cat, he comes indoors to use his tray!


I use plain old white vinegar to clean the litter box and that works fine.

I don’t use clumping litter (not sure what chemicals if any are added to make it clump?) but I would avoid using any litter that it ‘scented’ for sure. I get my litter at Zoo Plus - they have large bags not too expensive (can’t remember the brand, but it’s in a light blue-green bag and it is the most natural one I could find). Hope that helps a bit.
amy & kora

As you might imagine, we get through a lot of litter in our Cat Rescue Centre!
There are many litter types but we find that using mineral based ones are very messy and smelly!
We use Prop chat, which is a natural wood based product that decomposes and can be put on a compost heap.
We often have comments that our refuge is very clean and has little or no cat odours, this is becasue this product absorbs the pee and the odours. When new it looks like little pellets, when used it turns to a heavy crumb consistency. It is really easy to use and ecological but also economical as although more expensive than most, it is only necessary to have a depth of 1cm.
It doesn’t stick to cat paws like some products and we have no trouble with the cats using it.
Hope this helps