Cat on a Chilly Tiled Roof

He may not be the cleverest cat, but he's ok for a Ginger. Well, or so I thought, now after nearly 24 hours on a neighboughs roof, on what has to be the coldest night for a long time, Bumble (children chose the name) remains next door.

I've tried to get him down - you know what I mean - stand outside and repeatedly call his name....but no. He is stuck. I've heard that most cats will get themselves down, but so far, no joy.

I've tried putting a ladder up against the wall, but he just comes to a finger's length away and "wow"s very louding at me, with those 'Chat Potte' eyes (well potty).

So, if you know how I may be able to get him down, suggestions,ideas or great cocktail receipes, anything, let me know!!

John, I like your thinking, especially as this is not the first time!!

Do agree also on the jam and cheese sandwiches, but quickly on the cocktail front, have you tried an Ouzo Sour? (clearly not at 1015 in the morning!) but they are a delightful alternative to Brandy Sours and do go a very nice pink colour...!


Hi Julie,

thank you for your sensible advice. Main problem was he had previously got stuck up various trees and the same roof; last time the owners were kind enough to let me come in and encourage him in through an upstairs window; this time the cleaner did open the window, and tried to call to him, but stupid cat just sat every-so-just out of reach!! Ahhh!

Having tried the leave him up there approach, and it got seriously cold in the night, didn't fancy doing the same for a second night!

My husband, when he finally got home, simply climbed up as high as he could, grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, and reacquainted him with the ground!! He too had been scratched to ribbons trying to rescue this cat!!

Thanks for the advice,


We found a fire hose at about 4 bar pressure worked well for getting cats down off most things when I was in the fire service, but never when the owners were looking.

It will probably come down when its hungry, so dont feed it up there or it will just camp out until the next rain storm.

I have no decent cocktail recipes, but cheese and jam sandwiches are great:)