Cat piss!

We’ve just discovered that the neighbours tom has been coming in through our cat flap at night and spraying - nice! We’ve bought a magnetic cat flap to stop him coming in but we cannot get rid of the smell! We’ve tried vinegar and bleach - any other suggestions?


bicarb and vinegar mixed has worked for me - roughly equal parts - obviously watch out for the fizz when u 1st mix!

bicarbonate of soda and biological soap powder.

Hi there

Am a bit late in joining this thread but you could try the following product available in most French garden centres. It was originally developed for farms but they now do a pet friendly version - and I find it works well (and with 12 cats running around the place I was almost tearing my hair out until I found this)

Saniterpen Desinfectant Plus, manufactured by Action Pin

You will need to keep animals away until the floor/surface is dry and as it can irritate the skin be sure to protect your hands

And as for keeping cats away you could always try essential oil of citronella mixed with water. I used lavender for a while until an aromatherapist friend of mine said recent research suggested it could be toxic to cats in the long term- but that has not been announced officially to my knowledge

Oh and if any visiting cat pees on clothes or bedding, a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in the machine can help (also good at descaling the machine if you live in a hard water area). Likewise if you are worried about cross infection between your cats and visiting ones, I can get you details of a cleaning product that kills all known animal viruses and germs. Its usually only sold on a wholesale basis but if you can find a farm that uses it they may be able to sell you a bottles worth - I get mine from our local pigeon farm and its great for sterilising litters, cat transporters etc.

Hope you have already solved the problem and if not, hope this helps a bit!

Try this

Urine off - no I’m not joking or being rude! lol

Good luck


Thank you!

I’ve never heard of that one Nancy but if it works it is definitely worth a try - thanks!!
Welcome to Cat chat by the way!
Do you have cats or is that a silly question?? rather how many?

Mix baking soda (bicarbonate de soude) and peroxyde (eau oxygenée) in a bowl and then pour it onto the surface that smells like cat urine. I found this tip on the internet and it really works!!!

Hi Catherine, you need “Urine Off”.
Its the only thing I have found that works.
Google it, and shop around for the best price - there is a special formula for cats and kittens.
Good Luck!

Hi lynn
Yes I had heard that about bleach but thanks anyway - we’ve solved the problem but the smell remains - it doesn’t help that it is an old cracked concrete floor and I think the smell has permeated the cracks. Will try the lavender option - maybe just strew it on the floor as in the Tudor times!! x

Hi Catherine,
Many people are unaware that it is dangerous to mix bleach and vinegar or bleach and ammonia because toxic chlorine and chloramine vapors are produced.
Whatever you do - don’t use bleach!! It is a stimulent for cats to pee even more and maybe ecouraging your own cats to do the same!! This may or may not be your problem but think about using lavander or lemon based cleaners as cats don’ like these odours. You can also think to put something in front of the place where the ‘accidents’ happened just to be sure that it is not still occuring and to discourage.
If you can empty the place where it happened and clean everything thoroughly with (my choice) a lavender product.
Placing a bunch of lavender in the spot will also put the cats off.

Try this…

Urgh… horrid smell!

This might help:

I’ve bought products from them recently… very helpful people and swift and efficient service.