Cat 'trees'

Has anybody got one?

Do cats actually use/play with them or are they just another bit of junk that clutters the place up?

I’m poised to place an order with Zooplus so I’d be very interested to know!


Our 2 cat trees - one came from Lidl and the other from Zooplus.
Whilst the Lidl one was only a fraction of the price, my hubbie has had to virtually remake it over the years, however, with our bunch it does get a lot of bashing!
The zooplus one we chose a much more strong design and is really is much better quality.
There are loads of other more simpler ways of keeping him entertained, you can clue a pyramid of loo rolls together and hide bit of treat in there for him now and again - cats love to put their paws down holes! You can also get a biggish box and cut holes in it as they also love to hide.
These wont cost you more than a couple of pennies!

Brilliant - haven’t seen that for years!

I can’t think of goldfish and Siamese (he’s only half but looks/acts like the real McCoy!) without going here:

Just had a look at zooplus and when they have had them, the lidl ones have been quite similar to a couple of their models so maybe you could hand on - they were about 20-30€ I seem to recall.

Failing that get him a goldfish in a bowl to watch…

Make one woman!! ( Says she who could no more make a cat tree than climb a real tree herself…)Or ask someone in the woodworking group…
Our cats have never really had toys but they have each other to play with but maybe you could watch some (you tube) footage of cats playing and get some ideas for household items that Zorro might play with and which don’t cost 100 quid. Could be entertaining if nothing else…

Thanks Catherine. Same here ref trees - I nearly had heart failure when I spotted Zorro chasing a squirrel around the higher reaches of a walnut tree next door! The squirrel got away, and Zorro got down but… eeek!

The reason I was thinking of getting a cat tree is because he doesn’t like the cold, wind or rain so is going to be spending a lot more time indoors over the coming months. I already play with him a lot but there are times when work has to take priority (it’s a completely open plan apartment so I can’t shut him out of my ‘office’) so he’ll need a few toys that don’t need me on the other end.

However, the best (and highest) of the cat trees are over £100 and I don’t have that sort of dosh to chuck away. Still dithering… :frowning:

Ours never used them but they do have lots of trees outside. Every now and again Lidl have them on sale and the kids always want to buy them - and I always refuse!

Some of ours play with it on their own, and they just enjoy being high and having the facility of an extended scratching post is good too

Thanks Lynn. I can understand 2 cats playing with them, chasing each other around, but wondered whether an ‘only cat’ would bother much without a pal to play with?

And Zooplus UK cheaper? Even with p&p to France?

We have 2 and our cats love them, the higher the better. In fact our latest one came from zooplus UK as it was cheaper to order there than in France.
Cats love to be high up and the scratching posts are essential for them too. Our new one is very sturdy, over 2metres high but with 4 solid feet and various levels, they simply adore it.
Best of luck